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We believe that a good product must be consistent over time.

IrieCare was founded in 2020 by a couple of avid hemp users who got fed up with the inconsistency of hemp products from other companies. Suffering from anxiety and insomnia, the couple turned to hemp due to all the beneficial properties it contained. What we found instead, was an industry saturated with low quality and inconsistent formulas. Out of our quest for a product that consistently work for us when we need it to, IrieCare was founded.

Irie in Jamaican English is a term used to indicate that something is good. It’s a general term of approval. It’s good that we care and are products are just that, good.

Hemp is effective for a wide array of discomforts because it works with our naturally occurring system, which is located throughout the body. Research shows that hemp-infused products may help relieve joint pain, muscle aches, tension, and inflammation. Because of the way hemp works on and within the body, our hemp-infused products may also help promote cellular regeneration, rejuvenate skin, and aid in deep-tissue healing.


If you want reliable hemp products you can trust, IrieCare is your go to partner in health.

**hemp is not a cure or treatment for any medical disorder; it is a potentially beneficial dietary supplement. Consult with your doctor before using hemp products. Hemp can interact with some types of medication.**

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